Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: EOS Lip Balm

Let's face it: we are all in need of a good lip balm every now and then. To be honest, though,  I went most of my life without ever using any sort of chapstick or lip balm. The reason lied in the fact that I had never tried a very good one nor did I make the effort to. I assumed all were the same and they were at least supposed to serve the same purpose. However, the cheap ones I tried as a kid and growing up failed me because I felt like all they ever did was dry my lips out, which defeats the purpose!

I just never liked the way they made m lips feel and how sticky they were. So I pretty much gave up on even thinking about lip balms, even though there were times where I was in desperate need of some.

I had heard about EOS constantly all over the Internet as well as real life. I would be sitting in class seeing someone have one of those cute little colorful eggs sitting on their desk. I knew it had to be pretty decent for literally everyone and their moms to be using this stuff. Out of curiosity (and because I really liked how it looks, to be real) I decided to give it a try and boy was I glad I did.

When I first applied my EOS lip balm, I didn't really expect it to work that great for me, seeing as lip balms never do, and that it was all just a bunch of hype. It worked wonders for my lips. Basically this stuff is like heaven in an egg. I had never been more amazed at how well a beauty product did its job. Although it does provides an immediate sense of relief, that functionality comes with the long term. After the product wears off, the moisture in my lips remain and feels soothed the rest of the day.

I can literally always count on this stuff to make my lips silky smooth and get rid of that unpleasant, dry, chapped sensation.

I really need to buy more of these but the one I'm currently using is Sweet Mint. Personally, I'm a huge fan of mint so that's a plus but it definitely smells amazing. The first one i got was the infamous Summer Fruit and that one was delicious as well. Unfortunately, my Summer Fruit had a little accident in my purse and kind of died so I had to throw it out. I was really sad about that because I still had a good amount left.

That's another thing that's great about this lip balm: it lasts forever. I don't know if anyone could ever use up a whole egg because it doesn't even ever look used. You could get away with just buying one and using it for your whole life.

I highly recommend giving into the hype and trying this beauty out. I know you can get it multiple places, but I've gotten mine at Target. If it worked for me, a lip balm hater, then I'm sure it'll work for you too if you're needing or wanting a new lip balm to try. Let me know if you've given EOS a try and let me know what you think!

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