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Netflix Instant Queue

I don't know about you, but I spend virtually all of my free time taking advantage of the beauty that is Netflix. I've been using Netflix for quite some time now. What started off with just being mailed a DVD once a week has now become something I can watch whenever I want. Granted, Netflix streaming doesn't exactly have as wide of a variety as the DVD side. However, I still immensely enjoy streaming content.

From time to time I will watch the occasional movie. But what I really cherish are the TV shows that are right at my fingertips. I've always been a huge TV person/watcher and now I watch more on my iPhone than on my actual television. I thought it would be fun to share what my holy grail programs are that I keep in my Instant Queue. This way, you can get an idea of what kind of shows I love watching and maybe even discover some new favorites of your own. After all, their Netflix Instant Queue says a lot about a person.

In the order as it appears on my Netflix (which is the order of which it was added, first being oldest):

Prison Break
This is one of my all-time favorite shows...ever. Prison Break is my first obsession from Netflix. I only discovered it two years ago but I love it as if I'd been watching it for years. This show is amazing. So amazing, in fact, I watched the first 3 seasons in only a couple of days. I don't know what life would be like without this in existence. Even though I've already seen the whole series, i still watch it over and over again because it never gets old. This is a must watch! I HIGHLY recommend! (but then again, I highly recommend all of these shows :p)


This is my other all-time favorite show. I only discovered LOST last year, but boy am I glad I did. It's one of those shows that I had heard about for years but just never bothered watching it. Quite possibly the best television program that has ever been created. Seriously, it's THAT good. Trust me, it is worth all the hype and obsession. Although this show makes not one drop of sense, it continuously makes you want more. Sadly, there's only 6 seasons :(

Law & Order: SVU

Now here's a show I didn't only recently start watching. SVU is something I've watched for years (on the TV, though). I had seen multiple episodes scattered throughout the various seasons but decided I wanted to start from the beginning and see every single episode. And yes, there's a lot. So I finally did it and recently finished watching the first 12 seasons and now I'm just waiting for damn Netflix to add 13 and 14 so I can continue my addiction. For now, though, it will just continue to sit in my queue until I can watch more!

Arrested Development
THIS show, my friend, is an absolute must-see. I went for years of my life not knowing how amazing AD is. I had always heard people rave about how great it is but I just never gave in...until now. Sadly, I have now finished the entire 4 seasons and have no more to watch :( it's actually the only sitcom I even have in my queue and it is one of the best period. Hilarious. Never a dull moment. This is something I got hooked on from the first 5 seconds of watching. I can't wait for Netflix to either put out more episode, release that movie they've been talking about, or both.
CSI: Miami
Like SVU, this is another shown I've pretty much always watched. I added this to my queue because my DVR is almost always getting full so I needed to get rid of some stuff. I still had a few episodes left that I had not seen, though, so I thought "why not just watch it on Netflix?!" So that's what I did. Still extremely disappointed this show was cancelled, as it had always been my favorite of the CSI's. It's such a good show and will be greatly missed.

The X-Files
Now here's something I can get enough of. Once again, this is another show I had just never given in to watching until recently...and yes, I am so very happy I did. I just started season three and already this is now going down in history as one of the best shows ever. I knew the hype surrounding it but just never watched an episode. It is so addicting and definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat and makes you constantly want more. Luckily, there are many seasons so I'll be pretty occupied for a while..or not. Depending on how fast I can down this show like the others xD

So those are all of the shows in my Netflix Instant Queue! I keep these so I can continually watch, even after I've finished. I'm so glad I have the technology at my fingertips to keep myself entertained and never be bored. Not to mention, I'm just plain a big o'l TV fan.

I want to know what shows (or movies) YOU love to watch on Netflix and if you watch anything I listed! <3

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