Monday, June 3, 2013

Dry/Frizzy/Curly Hair Tips

Those of you who have been given the amazing  gift of having luscious locks ( at least, that's how we want them to be) know also how difficult it is to maintain the mane. I have extremely thick hair, a lot of it, and it's also curly. All of these factors combine call for having really dry and frizzy hair. It's like no matter what we do, no matter how many expensive products we splurge on for our hair, we still can't get it perfect. We may not be able to have perfectly soft and shiny hair always and forever, but we can sure as hell try and come pretty close. There are definitely products out there that help us out immensely. There are also a few tips and tricks to dealing with the curly and dry hair that can really have an impact. I though I would share my most used ones with you today.
(I just LOVE Shakira's hair)
One thing that is now vital to my hair survival is something that I probably should have started doing a very long time ago. I feel like I was told this so many times but just ignored it on the assumptions it would never work and just make managing my hair even more difficult. I am talking about using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush.

I always thought that a comb would be impossible to get through my hair. For most of my life I just endured using a hairbrush, even though it was sometimes painful, because I thought that's just the way it had to be. Back in the fall, however, when I went on my 'health kick' for my hair, I decided to buy a comb and give it a try.

It turns out I was wrong all these years. It is actually even easier using a wide tooth comb on my hair rather than a brush. This tip may seem a little self explanatory but I though I would share anyway given my apparent prior lack of knowledge on my own hair. Every time a brush went through my hair, I could just feel it being damaged and pulling so much hair out. I am so glad I don't do that to myself anymore.

A comb is so much better and easier on curly, wavy, or just plain thick hair. My comb is from Conair and I got it from Target but you can acquire a wide tooth comb from basically anywhere for really cheap.

My other hair tip is very simple and requires purchasing nothing: rinsing your hair with cold water. This is best to do at the end of a shower right before you get out. I always heard about this but never really thought it made much of a difference. Recently, though, I found a more effective way of utilizing the cold water on my hair.

Before I just simply turned cold water on my hair for a few seconds and that was it. Now I've been really working the cold water into my hair and making sure I used my hands to, essentially, smooth out my hair. Seriously, using cold water on my hair has worked wonders. Definitely makes my hair a lot smoother, shinier, and softer.

These are my latest hair tricks and I highly recommend trying them if you suffer from dry hair like I do. Please let me know of any holy grail hair tips or ticks you use!

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  1. Great advice! My hair tends to go curly if I don't blow dry it x

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately my hair is always curly so I'm always looking for ways to tame it :)

  3. I hear you! Absolute lion's mane here. I'm only just figuring out what works for me! I heard about rinsing with cool water too, keeping it moisturized, etc :) lovely post!

  4. Thanks! I wish I had started really taking care of my hair sooner but better late than never haha