Monday, June 10, 2013

Secret Life of the American Teenager is over :(

Last Tuesday marked the very last episode of the teen-drama filled ABC Family original series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Since watching the series finale, I felt like giving the show a proper send-off by writing my thoughts of how it ended as well as the show as a whole.
I will start by saying the show used to be a lot better than when it came to an end. The concept and controversial subject matter made for a very emotional and entertaining television show. The acting hasn't always been the most amazing, but it definitely lost it's spark and faded toward the end.

I found this last season repeating everything to death. It was also painfully slow, with almost absolutely nothing happening the entire season. They completely redid the whole pregnant teen thing with Cathy. It's like they were really running out of ideas for this last season. I guess ending it was the best direction, as there was really nothing new left to offer.

That being said, I pretty much went though my own high school career with this show and it's been a part of my own teen life for a few years now. It was good in the beginning because all of the ideas were so new and fresh; hadn't really been done before.

Some things that annoyed me about the show:

Certain words are complete overkill. You know what I mean. Words such as pregnant, sex, baby, married, gay were just said over and over and over and over again to the point of being cringe-worthy.

Amy and Ricky. Period. In the beginning, it was interesting to see if those two go together, although predictable. However, they were definitely together way too long. The past two seasons I have been waiting for them to split because those two just annoyed me to no end. The fact that they only stayed together because of John was ridiculous.

NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. Okay seriously, every episode was spent with a couple of people just sitting and talking. There was never anything else. The next scene would just switch over to different people talking about the same exact thing.

In the end, I was really disappointed with the conclusion. The finale consisted of, once again, not a whole lot. In the last few minutes, Adrian decided to go to New York with Omar, Jack and Grace broke up, and Ricky and Amy (FINALLY!) split. Well, really Amy decided to go to New York and leave John with Ricky.

There was also the graduation and coming form someone who literally just graduated, you can imagine I wasn't too satisfied with the lack of an actual graduation. All it showed was the classmates leaving their caps and gowns in their lockers, saying goodbye, and going home. I mean, what? Last year there was a HUGE deal being made of it all and this year it was nothing. You'd think that for the very episode they would at least bring everyone, including families, together one last time. Apparently, parents and siblings don't go to graduations anymore; teenagers just care about their friends and fiance's.

Why did Adrian all of a sudden desire to move to NY with Omar? Didn't he break up with her because she shouldn't move with him?

I was also eager to see if Ben and Amy were going to get back together, seeing they will not be living with each other.

I'm glad that Amy and Ricky aren't just staying together out of obligation anymore, but I do feel bad for Ricky. Amy just up and left him all alone with school, work, and now the sole responsibility of taking care of John, at least for a while.

One final thought: why on earth did they ever name this show Secret Life of the American Teenager? This title would suggest keeping things from you parents, but there is not a single thing that George, Anne, Kathleen, Nora, Margret, Leo, Adrian's parents and literally every other adult on that show didn't know and gossip about frequently. Just saying.

Overall, I will still miss this show, as it used to be a pretty decent show. But it is time to be put to rest. I just wished it would have had a better final season and finale.

What did you think of the show? How did you feel about the finale?



  1. I actually watched this show when it first began and it wasn't entirely cringe-worthy. There were some sweet emotional moments and personal growth for the characters but then it just trailed off into nonsense. It was really disappointing because I think it had great potential for adults to view teenagers' lives from their own perspectives but then it turned the teens into really unlikable people who, like you said, only seem to care about their personal lives. Sad.

    1. Agreed. I don't think it was completely cringe-worthy (just certain aspects) and it sent a really positive message to teens and adults. Then the characters just started obsessing over little, unimportant things that really had nothing to do with them. I miss how it was at the beginning.

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