Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jumping on the Bandwagon: TOMS!

Last year this huge new trend started popping up everywhere. Yes, I'm talking about the infamous TOMS shoes. I will admit, at first I was not digging them whatsoever. I didn't really get why everyone was so obsessed with them. I thought they just looked weird. Eventually, they grew on me. I started to like the simplistic look of them. Not to mention I'm a huge fan of shoes you can just slip on and go.
One of the reasons I didn't like them in the beginning had to do with the colors. Everyone I saw would always be wearing grey, beige, or navy and I did not find those choices of colors very appealing (except on guys they're perfectly fine).

So I decided to check out the TOMS website to see if they actually had any other colors or designs. I ended up falling in love with some of the patterns I saw. My first pair was the silver glitter pair (shown below). Once I saw these my opinion on TOMS changed completely.
It was only a couple of weeks later I ended up buying my second pair, which were the black and polka dot canvas ones.
I started to see more and more really cute pairs of TOMS appearing suddenly and just wanted to buy them all. Now, they're pretty much all I wear.
My most recent pair are the black and pink plaid ones which I absolutely adore.
Now onto the sizing. I ordered my first two pairs online so I did a little googling to find out about the fit. Most people seemed to say they ran small but to order true to your size as they will stretch out. Others said to simply order smaller because they stretch out a lot. I decided to order my size I wear in most of my shoes, an 8.5.
When I first got the silver pair they were extremely tight. It was hard to get them on the first time. However, they did end up stretching out quite a bit and now fit perfectly.
The second pair I purchased happened to fit right out of the box and haven't stretched to be too big, so that's nice.
To play it safe, I would just recommend buying your regular size because they will probably either fit or stretch out to fit. Since they run small, you wont have a problem ordering your basic size.
Of course I admire the concept behind the TOMS company. For every pair you purchase, a pair is given to a child in need. You can get them here. Most TOMS cost $54 but some will be a little more depending on the style.
I will definitely be getting more pairs on the (most likely near) future as I just love them so much now. Let me know how you feel about TOMS and what your favorite pair is!


  1. i haven't got any toms shoes but your pairs look so nice they're tempting me haha!

    sara x

  2. Haha they tempted me enough to buy them! xD but they really do have cute ones and coming out with new ones all the tie