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Glee Season 4 Finale

I know, I know. I'm a little late, but better late than never, right? Glee is one of my favorite shows and felt it was necessary to do a post on the recent season finale. Let me start by saying that season 4 was not my favorite. It doesn't all rest on the fact that most of the best characters left and aren't in the glee club anymore. It has to do with who replaced them. Obviously, Puck, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Mike, Quinn and Santana are pretty much irreplaceable. However, I just wasn't a big fan of the new kids really at all. Ryder, Jake, and Marley were especially boring and annoying.
Now, about the last episode. I felt it was a good episode. I really enjoyed the bit regarding gay marriage. I loved the old couple. A cried a little when she asked her partner to marry her. Of course, I really want Blaine and Kurt to get married already.

Brittany found out she's like a super genius and got early acceptance into MIT. She went on a little bit of a freak out rampage and make everyone mad at her..

Ryder finally found out his secret catfisher was Marley, but it really wasn't and it ended up being Unique. Wasn't that much of a shocker but he didn't react very well. He responded by saying he never wanted to talk to him/her again. I thought that was pretty harsh.

The New Directions participated in the Regional Show Choir Competition, which was held at our very own McKinley High. They went up against the highly regarded Hoosier Daddies (love the name by the way). Wasn't really feeling the songs they performed. They were pretty boring and I'd never heard any before. They should have done better songs for the last episode.

And last but not least, Will and Emma finally got married! I loved the whole 'surprise wedding'. It was really cute and I also got emotional during this scene because it was just oh so beautiful.

This is how the episode ended: Blaine had not yet proposed to Kurt. I was sad that this didn't happen. It would've been a great way to end the season, whether Kurt said yes or no.

Santana visited and gave Brittany a good talking to. She reconciled with the group and made a great speech at the end before they performed. This was an inspiring moment and I cried during it.

The New Directions took home the trophy for winning nationals.

The episode itself was pretty good but I'm disappointed and confused as to why they decided to end the season this way. First of all, there was no graduation episode! How could they do this?! Last years season finale was so great and it really wrapped everything up and let us know where everyone was headed in the fall. This time, nothing. I'm especially sadden because I am graduating in three days and was looking forward to seeing an episode to go along with that feeling. Usually, regionals is much earlier in the season and then graduation, nationals and prom come later. I don't understand why they left these things out. There are so many beloved characters leaving to go off to college or whatever, Sam, Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Artie, and they didn't even get a proper send-off. This was upsetting. It makes me wonder how next season is going to start. Typically, the new season starts with the beginning of the school year. If they incorporate nationals, they'll fall behind, won't they? Just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Overall, I didn't understand why they chose to end this season the way they did, but I will still love this show and cant wait for it to come back in the fall. Gleek 4 lyfe!

Let me know what you thought of the season finale or season as a whole!

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