Sunday, June 2, 2013

Awesome YouTuber: Shane Dawson!

I'm such a YouTube junkie I figured it would only be appropriate if I started making posts about my favorite people of YouTube, and there are a lot of them! So I wanted to start this off right by talking about my favorite YouTuber of all time: Shane Dawson!
I have been watching this funny mofo for 4 years now and he was actually one of the very first channels I started watching and subscribed to. I had no idea there was this whole online community of content creators, comedians, vloggers, filmmakers, and musicians, Once I found out about it, I never went back to life without YouTube.

What I love about Shane is, well, everything. Literally. He has 3 channels: His main channel ShaneDawsonTV is where he uploads weekly comedy sketches and the occasional music video (spoof and original), his second channel ShaneDawsonTV2 where he seldom uploads anymore, but contain "behind the scenes" or Ask Shane, and finally his iPhone channel Shane which includes daily vlogs.

Personally, I prefer his vlogs because I find them to be much funnier than his main sketches (although I still find those hilarious, of course). He has such raw humor that is just so much better unscripted.

He vlogs every Monday-Friday on his iPhone channel and uploads a main channel video every Friday afternoon. There was a period of time (if I remember correctly, it was at the end of last summer) where he stopped vlogging. Like I said before, his vlogs are my favorite so I was pretty bummed. However, back in November, he decided to vlog for the month, I guess he missed it or something because hes been doing it ever since.

I also personally look up to him as a role model. He had a rough childhood and was like 500 pounds (give or take) overweight and now he has made a much better life for himself. Obviously, I don't know him personally but he does share a lot of his life on his videos so I have a pretty good idea. Growing up in a similar situation, I can relate to him a lot and am inspired by all that he has accomplished since then. He has mentioned a few times that he used videos as a way of escaping and hopes to make his viewers happy by giving them 5 minutes of something good out of their crappy lives.

Below is one of the videos he put up recently with fellow YouTuber Joey Graceffa. I busted up laughing (and cried a little) while watching this video. Shoey for the win!

Basically, he is definitely the funniest person to have ever existed and I'm so glad I discovered his videos years ago. They have definitely helped me get through so much. I will continue to watch him every single day and even when he finally has his own TV show(s) and movies. If you love some good, raw, crude, and downright inappropriate comedy, you have to go check him out. Just be aware that his videos aren't exactly kid-appropriate (although most of his viewers are 12 year olds so I guess it's okay).

Let me know who your favorite YouTuber is! <3



  1. I am also a huge Youtube junkie! I just love youtube :p
    I don't watch a lot of Shane's videos but I watch his friend Joey Graceffa from time to time!

    -B, xx

  2. Ooh Joey is great! I love when they do videos together xD