Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Awesome YouTuber: Olga Kay!

I did a previous post about one of my all-time favorite YouTubers Shane Dawson (which you can read here) and thought I would continue this trend by discussing another great person of the Internet: Miss Olga Kay.
I discovered Olga through Shane Dawson (shocker) almost 4 years ago now. So I've been watching her videos for quite some time. Similar to Shane, I prefer to watch her vlogs more than any other type of video; I find them the most entertaining.

Here is the video I first discovered Olga in (it's from Shane's second channel which he used to post vlogs like this on a very long time ago):

(Btw, I actually kind of did think she was some sort of Russian stripper/hooker at first)

Olga has a few channels on which she uploads. A main channel where she uploads sketches or some other type of well-put together video, a vlog channel where there are daily vlogs on a (mostly) daily basis, an iPhone channel with short iPhone clips, a gaming channel, the (sadly) inactive kitty channel and last but not least, her most recent YouTube endeavor MooshVille where beauty videos are uploaded.

As you might be able to see, she puts out a lot of content. What I really admire about her is her amazing work ethic. She is hands-down one of, if not the, most hardworking YouTuber around. She uploads a main channel video every Wednesday which also putting out (usually) 3 beauty videos a week. On top of that, she still finds time to film, edit, and upload daily vlogs. I don't follow her gaming channel so I'm not sure how often she puts out content on that channel, but I'm sure it's a lot.

She's also an inspirational YouTuber as well. She joined the circus and left Russia when she was young and came to America with not a whole lot, not even knowing how to speak English. Not only did she teach herself, she also found work and made a life for herself here. Now she's extremely successful and clearly is doing good for herself.

It's amazing all that she's accomplished so far in her lifetime and she still is young and has so much left to offer.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for her and will continue to follow her on her journey every step of the way!

Have you watched and of Olga's videos? If so, what do you think? Also, let me know who your favorite person of YouTube is!

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  1. I never heard about her!! She seems really cool!
    My favourite youtuber is Zoella!
    I tried to be a youtuber but I failed! haha
    They are so amazing! I'd love be friend with all the youtubers :)

    Love your blog ♥

    1. Thanks! I've seen a couple of videos from Zoella and I really like her! Same here haha I've always wanted to be friends with YouTubers they're all such awesome, funny people

    2. Yes! Their life is so cool! I wish I had a life like that, at least for a day! haha