Sunday, May 26, 2013

Acting Mindset

As I sit here reading my script to prepare for my final scene in my acting class, I thought it'd be a swell idea if I wrote down what I was thinking.

After all, I'm always thinking the same thing when reading lines: does this sound real?

The whole point of acting is to act like it's real life, just not your life. One of the reasons why I love acting is because you get to step outside of yourself and be someone else. Even if you're perfectly content with being who you are, it's always fun and possibly life changing you get to view the world from a completely different perspective.

It's probably a lot easier said than done, but really the best advice I could give someone regarding honing their acting skills is to just make it as realistic as you can. You really are stepping into someone elses shoes and speaking and performing actions for them.

Obviously, there's a lot more to acting than just making it real. However, I feel that a scene or monologue can only be completed when the audience feels that it's real.

Don't make it sound like your just reading lines; make it sound like you're actually saying those lines. You have to really believe what your saying.

You have the power to make any character come to life <3

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