Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hashtag Shows That Need To Come Back

Good afternoon world! I just so happened to be on Twitter yesterday (like every day, really) and was checking out the Trending Topics when I saw this one:
Now, this can be interpreted as old, classic shows that just plain stopped being made (most people probably saw it as this one) but I, however wanted to use this as an excuse to talk about two of my favorite shows that ended long before their time. I absolutely adore these shows and have loved them even long after they left this world. I dedicate this blog post to all the television shows that were killed too soon.

The L.A. Complex

This show launched on the CW during April of 2012. It had sort of a weird season schedule as the first was 6 episodes long and then there was a 6 week break until the second season, which consisted of another 6 episodes, started.

The show is about a group of aspiring young people trying to make it in some form of the entertainment industry. We have musicians, dancers, comedians, actors/actresses, and filmmakers. They all reside in a run-down, almost motel-like apartment complex, thus the title.

I have to say that this is probably one of the best shows I've ever seen, although short lived. I will never understand why this wasn't renewed for more seasons as it was a phenomenal show.

It's a Canadian show was created by the same makers/producers of Degrassi. It has a similar format in that there isn't really one central character, rather they're all important characters and each episode featured a different character's story.

The storylines were so intense and dramatic and it really just made for a great, entertaining, but also somewhat serious show. I really like how it outlines the real life struggles young people face in Hollywood. There are so many different emotions this show brings across and I especially love the intensity it has. You know how Degrassi "goes there"? Well this show goes even further. Yup, that is possible.

Personally, my favorite storyline is Kaldrick. He is known as Kaldrick King and is a well known, successful rapper who is struggling with his own sexuality. His character undergoes an enormous transition throughout the series. He goes from desperately wanting to hide the fact that he's gay, even causing extreme violence to protect his secret, to finally being able to accept himself.

Luckily, a complete box set of the series will be available August 13, 2012. Also, reruns have begun airing on MTV International.

So basically, if you can get this show on your TV, I highly recommend. Trust me, you won't regret it.

This next show that I am in love with and miss dearly aired in 2004 and was cancelled in 2005 after it's second season. Summerland was a program that originally aired on The WB (which later went on to be The CW).
This has to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. For one thing, the title holds true: the show just really makes you feel like it's summer. I absolutely love the summery, beach-town atmosphere it gives off.

A fashion designer, who lives with her business partner/BFF, former lover and...well some Australian  guy, is forced to take in her sisters three kids after their parents are killed in a car accident. It's a struggle for the kids because they just lost their parents and have to adjust to this new life, and it's hard for the aunt because she suddenly has three huge responsibilities.

This show has it all: it's got romance, teen romance, teen drama, family drama, and just plain drama. It's one of those shows that has emotional ups and downs. It goes from being light hearted and funny to complete disaster and sorrow.

Unfortunately, this show is extremely difficult to find. Reruns used to be played on The-N (now TeenNick), but now it is nowhere to be found. I really wish Netflix would put it on. But for now, all we can do is watch the DVDs.

Also, let me just say, this show made me fall in love with Jesse McCartney. I mean, how can you NOT love him??

I will always miss Summerland and I definitely suggest checking it out if you re in the market for a new addiction.

Let me know what your #showsthatneedtocomeback are <333

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